What is a Link Bid Directory?

What is just a Link Quote Index?

A Link Bid Directory is an internet listing that list links for a web site according to the amount this link place auctioned-off for. The index lists links alphabetically to be able of highest bid. Bids can be purchased for a link whenever you want, by anyone, and all estimates are counted toward a link's total bid. The top ten bidding links are displayed prominently on your home page, and the greatest bidding link will be displayed on every page, when the officer has chosen to enable the Link Leader.

Most Link Bid Directories are Se optimised and friendly (SEO). Once shown, the links are shown permanently. As time passes the web-master of the site listed may increase their bid to keep their site link at the top of the entries - therefore at the top of every page.

Are Link Bid Directories worth record in?

In my experience, yes they most definitely are. The exposure your site would get is phenomenal; and your Page Rank would go up too. Because they're all SEO, your link will rise in rank eventually.

I've heard rumours they are fun?

They are tremendous fun to take part in. I understand you may be wondering what I am talking about here - how in the world are website directories fun to record in?!?! All of it boils down to whether you will visit any size to outbid that pesky person that's bid $1 a lot more than you... would you go and outbid them by $1 afterwards! I always out-bid my opponents since I find that the publicity gained from getting stated at the very top of each page in the directory is very good!

Is it expensive?

No, needless to say not. For fresh information, consider checking out: the guide to http://www.linkemperor.com. In case people fancy to be taught more on link emperor google, there are many libraries people should investigate. Many great Link Bid Directories may list your site link for only $1. Be taught further on link emporer by browsing our majestic site. This ensures that your site will get listed for only $1! Yet another good thing about only paying $1 is the fact that as the link directory markets it self, your link gets marketed too!

Where can I find a Link Bid Directory?

A good way to locate a service is to just search on the major search engine 'Link Bid Directory $1.'

One that I have used before (see IconBuffet link!) is Zewert.com. That directory is Search Engine Optimization and is advertised well..