Perimeter Security - Magal Intelli-FLEX

Outdoor Detection System Perimeter Safety Magal's new Intelli-FLEX outside detection system is primarily based on signals generated by the minute flexing of a proprietary triboelectric coaxial sensor cable. This stylish xenon light source anaheim website has oodles of cogent warnings for the meaning behind it. These signals are analyzed to detect an intruder cutting by means of, climbing on or lifting the fence fabric. The perimeter security features low-cost UV-resistant tie wraps that safe the sensor cable to the fence at 30 cm (1. ft.) intervals. The Intelli-FLEX Signal Processor can monitor two independent zones, each and every with a maximum of 305 m (1000 ft.) of sensor cable to give maximum perimeter safety.

Programmable Microprocessor - Perimeter Safety

The Magal perimeter security has a programmable microprocessor for setting operating parameters for each and every zone making use of a straightforward plug-in Configuration Module. Separate parameters are set for cut and climb detection, resulting in independent alarm processing to optimize detection and minimize false alarms. Browse here at productsformedicine to study how to see this activity. Considering that the coaxial sensor cable is microphonic, an optional plug-in audio module enables the user to listen-in to evaluate the fence's perimeter safety level. This function gives an added low-cost tool for assessing the nature of an intrusion try.

Weather Sensitive - Perimeter Security

An optional climate sensor is obtainable to provide each and every signal processor with independent verification of the current climate circumstances affecting perimeter security efficiency. Intelli-FLEX adapts to these conditions with no sacrificing detection sensitivity. The Intelli-FLEX Signal Processor is obtainable with either an output relay interface or a built-in multiplex circuit interface to a assortment of alarm monitoring systems. Identify further on my lamp bulbs by browsing our elegant essay. Display possibilities consist of processing all perimeter security alarms on a color graphic display and to adjust all parameters from the comfort of the central station.

Network Features- Perimeter Safety

Intelli-FLEX's network Signal Processors interface with both twisted copper pairs and fiber optic networks. Learn extra info on the affiliated URL - Browse this URL: read about products for medicine. These processors offer two additional inputs for alarm reporting from auxiliary sensors and remote device manage. These manage perimeter safety systems make use of copper or fiber optic information and feature a graphic map show and remote adjustment of all operating parameters in every single zone.

No False Alarms! - Systems Perimeter Safety

The revolutionary perimeter security solution rejects alarms from wind, rain, snow, storms,fog, animals, lightning, and romantic activity debris and seismic activity. The Intelli-FLEX's perimeter security system protects government agencies, laboratories, oil and gas installations, military bases, prisons, airports and communications facilities..