The Lincoln Penny Part IV Future Changes

The Lincoln Cent has withstood many changes, to review our last section. To check up more, please glance at: assisted living seattle. From the VDB initials conflict, structure changes and reverse changes not exactly 50-years ago (from Wheat to Memorial). The flexible dime has seen its share of changes.

So what does the future hold for the Lincoln penny? Legislation was recently passed authorized an array of money changes. Some of those changes involved the dime. The Lincoln dime Title III to the Presidential Dollar Coin Act calls for the removal of the Lincoln Memorial opposite to be replaced with four different designs showing the life of Lincoln. In the writing of what the law states the new reverses are called (A) his early childhood and delivery in Kentucky; (B) his formative years in Indiana; (D) his professional life in Illinois; and (D) is presidency, in Washington D.C. These changes would appear in 2009.

Furthermore to these moving styles, the regulation also says, The Secretary of the Treasury will issue 1-cent coins last year with the correct metallic material as the coin contained in 1909 in such number as the Secretary determines to be right for numismatic purposes. For extra information, please consider checking out: independent living wa. May this be considered a design or even a wheat penny? Who knows? It'll be a coin struck as proof or un-circulated as non-circulating legal tender.

In 2010 and beyond, the legislation states, The look o-n the reverse of the 1-cent coins issued after December 31st, 2009 will keep an image emblematic of President Lincoln's preservation of the Untied States of America as one and united country. This could be an unspecified design or could revert back to the Lincoln Memorial. No decision on this seems to be immanent, because this is several years absent. One question that does look like solved is that the cent will continue to be produced despite some requires its discontinuance. Many feel the penny is not any longer of good use and should fade away just like the dollar. We can see.. Discover more on remove frames by visiting our stately paper. Research Stellarliving Assisted Living Seattle Wa contains extra resources about the inner workings of this enterprise.