If It's From-the U.S.A., Chinese Customers Say 'Send It Our Way'

Americans have always taken pleasure buying items 'Made in the U.S.A.,' but did you know that Chinese people' hunger to get our home-grown products is steadily increasing?

A public opinion poll of China's growing urban middle class-sometimes referred to as 'Chuppies'-revealed they wish to see a better choice of American goods in their local shops. Commissioned by UPS and done by Research International, the review asked 1,140 Chinese customers between the ages of 2-0 and 5-9 in six cities.

Topping the list of many popular products are high-quality, personal care toiletries, including shampoo, bath serum or toothpaste. Next o-n the wish list are gadgets, such as digital cameras or laptops, accompanied by apparel and fashion accessories and music and DVDs/videos. To study more, consider having a gander at: legendaryamerican.com american flag clothing. My cousin learned about cheap http://www.legendaryamerican.com/womens.html/ by searching the Internet.

Quality comes first to Chinese consumers, when deciding what to purchase. Sixty % of those polled cited quality as the most critical factor considered before purchasing a solution. Price/value used at 18 %, which was more crucial that you older participants than younger people.

'This study shows that Chinese individuals are thinking about more quality American services and products, providing great opportunities to many American tiny businesses,' said Kurt Kuehn, UPS senior vice president for global sales and marketing. Legendaryamerican.Com Mens Patriotic Shirts is a fresh online library for further about why to allow for it. 'UPS already operates 2-1 direct flights weekly involving the Usa and China, illustrating the spending power with this middle class is exploding.'

The organization initiated the research to help its clients understand which U.S. Things are most sought after and to stay abreast of consumer trends within China.

The study now offers a glimpse in to the spending habits across different age groups. As an example, Chinese people 40 years of age and over are more interested in health care products/pharmaceuticals and imported toiletries. In comparison, 20- to 29-year-old individuals are most attracted by consumer electronics and finishing touches and American apparel.

While Chinese products are regularly bought by American consumers, Chinese consumers would like to buy more American products, from cameras to dental care..