Know necessary Hair Food

Women look at hair thinning and hair loss in a different way. They become very emotional and may also develop depression due to hair loss. Balanced diet, exercise and stress management helps in improving not only the health of hair but also one’s overall health. Vitamins also play a vital role in improving hair health. Today, vitamins are made an essential part for treating hair loss in women.


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  1. Vitamin B1 helps in producing proteins that are important in maintaining the thickness of hair and make it appear healthy and shiny. Vitamin B1 is found in foods such as citrus fruits, green vegetables, rice, eggs, whole grains and meat.
  2. Vitamin C is another important vitamin that must be present in your diet. Vitamin C helps the body to covert fats and carbohydrates into energy.  This helps in making your skin and hair healthier. Vitamin C also helps in producing collagen which is responsible for binding tissues together and preventing hair from breaking and having split ends. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, green vegetables and potatoes are some of the best sources of Vitamin C.
  3. Another important vitamin is Vitamin E. Not many know that vitamin E plays a vital role in making our immune system stronger. Vitamin E also increases the uptake of oxygen in the body which improves the blood circulation to the scalp thereby improving the quality of hair.
  4. Vitamin A is an essential vitamin needed for reducing hair thinning issues in women. The important function of this vitamin is to allow the scalp to produce the right amount of sebum. This will promote healthy growth of and also make it stronger. Vitamin A is found is milk, carrots, pumpkin, kale, eggs and liver.
  5.  Vitamin B7 is a very important vitamin required by the body to ensure proper growth of hair and nails. Famously known as Biotin, vitamin B7 helps the body to make use of amino acids .This will help in repairing and replacing the tissues of the body. It is found in milk, rice, soy, eggs and brewer’s yeast.


Ensure that you include the above mentioned vitamins in your diet. In case you are unable to include any of the food in your diet then you can always opt for Vitamin supplements to help you get the same benefit.