Scheduling Institute Can Help Any Business Practice

Dentistry is a profession that does not only need dental expertise, but as well as effective marketing tools. The Scheduling Institute is the biggest dental training company today. It helps thousands of dentists make money without really having the need to devote most of their time to their work. It offers coaching techniques and strategies to boost the performance of every member of the dental team thereby improving the number of new patients and increase the teams overall production.

What does Scheduling Institute do?

Jay Geier is the man behind the Scheduling Institute (SI) and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. It focuses more on training technique development methods concentrating on medical professionals specifically dentist. Scheduling Institute helps dentists through the following methods:

SeminarsTrainingCoaching sessionsAdvising services

When the company started in 1997, Jay Geier has one main focus and that is to hone the telephone answering knowledge and skills of dental staff. By properly addressing telephone calls, new

Jay Geier's Scheduling InstituteJay Geier

people will be enticed to set an appointment with the dentist, which will actually turn potential patients to actual patients. As years passed by, SI began exploring and is now offering 26 types of in-office training and several training programs for clients all across the globe. On top of this, his team is also offering the following:

Self-study package/New patient generation system, which teaches dentists on different ways of taking advantage of their most valuable asset; their personnel.Membership program, which was started in 2005. Geier realized that the self-study package or new patient generation system is not enough and so an initial membership program was born, which primarily consists of telephone liability for the dentists and their staff as a whole.On-site training, which officially began in 2006. The idea of on-site training was born when one medical professional approached Geier and asked him to personally train his team. Geier realized that his team can actually offer such type of training and such is even more effective to some dental practice. However, Geier cannot commit to personally flying around the country to train and educate practices. As a solution, he chose people to be certified by the Scheduling Institute. They are called the Scheduling Institutes Certified Training Specialist. They will be the people who will fly around the country to provide on-site training to dental staff. This can be a bit expensive than the self-study package and membership program, but proven to really work.

If you are thinking of effective ways to market your dental practice, then the Scheduling Institutes Solution by Jay Geier is the answer. It has been in the industry for many decades now and has been successful in helping a lot of dentists from all across the globe.

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