Material difference between float glass and ordinary glass

Different material will produce various qualities of a kind of product. Take glass for example, window and door accessories suppliers china can give us different glasses with the different materials. Now we can have a view at them together if you are interested in this aspect.


ordinary plate glass appearance quality grade is based on striae, bubbles, scratches, sand, and the knots, lanes and other defects and determine how many. Float glass appearance quality level is based on the optical distortion, bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lane, fog spots and other defects how much subcontracting. Meanwhile, ordinary glass from market of door hardware wholesale China is emerald green, fragile, transparency is not high, easy to aging and deformation under rain exposure float glass, clear float glass is a glass paste via the control gate into the tin bath, because the force of gravity and surface tension float itself after the upper surface of molten tin, and then enter the slow cooling slots on both sides of the glass smooth and uniform, made ripples disappear. Dark green, smooth surface without ripple, perspective of good, has certain toughness.


The production process of float glass and ordinary glass is different. The advantages are surface hard, smooth, and flat and good for kitchen products buying from discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China.