Indian immigrants to Australia on temporary work visa exploited by employers and agents: Study.

Washington, Sept. 4 ( ANI ): A recent research has revealed the

long-running exploitation of Indian immigrant workers tricked into

coming to Australia on 457 visas.

Dr Selvaraj Velayutham published the research in a forthcoming

issue of The Economic and Labour Relations Review in SAGE publications.

The 457 visa is also called 'Temporary Work' visa that

allows skilled workers to come to Australia and work for an approved

business for up to four years on sponsorship of the employers.

The research claimed that Indian immigrants have been long tricked

into coming to Australia on false promises of good working conditions

and higher pay packages.

They often had to borrow heavily to pay recruitment agents to come

to Australia.

The research showed their employers were breaking Australian law by

exploiting the skilled workers taking advantage of their debt bondage.

The research has found out that it is the 457 visa system that

makes this exploitation possible as it restricts the workers to change

their sponsors.

The skilled workers have reportedly signed two contracts. One in

India prior to departure and an amended one presented to them upon

arrival with far less favourable conditions.

However, they are not left with little option but to sign, having

borrowed money to pay agents, airfares and visa fees.

Workers have also been complaining about unlawfully deducting sick

leave from annual leave, despite medical certificates, long working

hours without overtime payment, unsafe working conditions and physical

and psychological intimidation by the employer.

Indian immigrants have regularly faced problems on denying to work

under substandard conditions, like their passports getting confiscated,

early termination of working visa and deportation to India. ( ANI )

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