Errors Strippers and Escorts Make

Sadly numerous strippers and escorts think they are the stars, it's all about them, men suck, men are drunks, idiots, abusers, whatever, and that all males are stupid walking ATM machines. Much more than most likely you won't see that customer once more, simply because most unhappy customers don't complain, they just don't contact back. And if they do complain it's generally not to you, it's carried out publicly on escort review boards like the TER and Large Doggie, where it can hurt your reputation and your income potential.

So, to have a great reputation and a successful business, all strippers and escorts ought to remember that good adult entertainment is not about you, it is about meeting or surpassing your customers wants and requirements throughout your time together. The only time female escorts or adult service providers if you prefer that term might want to be mean to a consumer is if that customer is a submissive and he's paying for that type of mistreatment, then as a Dominatrix, or his Mistress you can be as mean as you want in the context of your services, and the customer will most likely adore you for it.

In otherwise normal adult entertainment situations the reality is that any adult service provider or female entertainer can provide great consumer service. If you want to develop a extremely successful following, make sure your consumer service is "beyond business requirements."

For Strippers

For strippers, that means displaying up on time and doing what you had been hired to do, perform and entertain. The past couple of years I have noticed so numerous girls show up to a bachelor party and immediately go over a menu of "tipping" activities they offer and what they cost to do. To lick whip cream off my titties it cost this, to drink bush beers it price this, for naked oily full physique slides it cost this, and so on., I swear I'm so turned off by their attitude, and when I say something they come back with, "What ever it is you paid the agency was only to get me here. You want me to dance for you guys you have to tip me! " What the hell is that about?, and how did the exotics dancing business get so tainted with chicks with shitty attitudes?

So to all you female strippers who want to make a decent living, by making a fantastic reputation for yourself so you can get great referrals and get hired over and over again... Show up on time, smile and make great eye contact, look like you're getting a blast teasing all the guys and believe me, if you're good, you'll make extremely very great money!

For Escorts

For female escorts, performing good consumer service does not mean you must break the law and perform Complete Serivice, GFE (Girlfriend Experience), or PSE (Porn Star Experience) with your clients, or topic yourself to any type of verbal or physical abuse. It also does not mean you should give in to some ass hole hobbyist who threatens to give you a poor evaluation and ruin your reputation if you don't do full service on them. escort in tel aviv