la Technologie Led

Bien en esta ocasión os quiero contar como es posible el cambio de una lámpara bi pin de esas halogenas pequeñas (os adjunto foto) por una de led. At 125 lumens per w (LPW), the Meticulous LED High Bay is among Dialightis most innovative improvements giving around 26,500 provided installation lumens and reinforced by Dialight's sector-leading 10-year full-efficiency warranty for higher than a decade of reputable, worry-free performance on the planet's toughest industrial conditions. Presenting Dialight's worldclass in house created nextgeneration LED technology power supply and advanced optical style, a significant step is marked by the newest Aware BROUGHT High Bay forward in energy efficiency for professional environments' future. With equipment in a single space, Huron located it nearly impossible to-do the full transformation.

An LED focus like a GU10 LED or MR16 LED might have a 45 degree ray position indicating its fairly focused on a specific place rather than significantly use in lighting up a bigger place, these are well suited for kitchen worktops or somewhere where a narrow beam is necessary. Order aspects change from quite slender to extremely large, typical DIRECTED places is going to be 90, 45, 120 degrees. The amount of time two batteries will last depends on the illumination ranges as well as the timeframe the torch is used. You might get 5.75 hours from them, if you want to utilize a medium level of 110 lumens then.

Do not forget you can have a bigger electricity driver and never have to obtain a modest driver for every single individual light, to operate many LED areas. Since it demonstrates to you exactly what the output probably will be some websites will show you quite a chart with all the color temperature vary from warm-white to cool white combined with the Kelvin size, fairly beneficial. Beam angle is again an easy facet of DIRECTED light also it just refers to the lighting spread in the point of the source of light.

Com esta regra conseguimos ter uma qualidade maior do sistema de iluminação com economia de energia, para melhorar a iluminação podemos seguir este exemplo de trocar as lâmpadas T8 por lâmpadas T5 para aumentar a quantidade de lumens por litro e economizar energia elétrica sem prejudicar as plantas, desta forma pode substituir as três lâmpadas T8 de 18 watts por três lâmpadas T5 de 14 watts, ou seja, antes aquário gastava 54 watts de energia ecom as T5 passará a gastar 42 watts.

Este é um claro de que a regra watts por litro ELIZABETH gravemente falho como T2 13-watt é claramente a melhor escolha um plantado ou de corais nem sequer em PAR classificação que também é importante para plantas e corais. Devemos verificar led lumens embalagens valor em lumens Elizabeth lumens/ w de na conversão de em luz, lâmpadas fluorescentes elizabeth HQIis, têm esse índice aproximadamente vezes maior que de incandescente.