Understanding Runescape Private Servers

The online gaming world is one where whoever runs the server is king. This is the reason why so many of the time some people decide that enough is enough and go out to establish their own little world. This is how runescape private servers come to be. They are if you will, your very own world, detached from the millions of other users clamouring to make use of the server.

Originators of the name

The original owners of runescape are Jagex. Runescape the game and website are run by Jagex and require you to have a Runscape account in order to access both. However they are not the ones who own Runescape private servers. This does not mean however that they condone and approve of the existence of these servers. In fact, the company has sought legal action against some of the servers over the past years. Cases of note include action taken against the following servers: Fagscape, Ventrillica, Arrav as well as 2006Scape.

What are the advantages of owing an RSPS?

Being the owner of Runescape private servers allows one the ability to have some level of control over the games they enjoy playing. You as the owner are able to also change and alter the game accordingly.

Other advantages of being the owner of a private server include:

  • Being able to enjoy more disk space as well as memory
  • Cheaper rates to house the server
  • The owner is in complete control when it comes to selecting the functions of the server as well as full freedom in choosing the software stack

Disadvantages of owing a private server include:

  • The initial cost of starting a server can cost you around hundred dollars (costs for hosting, website, server security etc.)
  • The server must be housed in a collocation centre where connection to internet is certain andthere is ensured security.
Lucrative Reasons to Own an RSPS

Most people who are looking to own Runescape private servers go into it this business for two major reasons. One is privacy and a need to feel in control and the second is monetary. To make money from owning a private server you have to market your private server wellso that you can attract a host of players onto your private servers. Once you have won over these players, you may find companies approaching you for marketing purposes. These companies will pay you as the server owner money so that they can put ads on your servers. This is probably the biggest reason why most people would consider running a private server.

Why you should play on a private server

The most obvious answer is that you will get experience very fast. There is of course another good reason which is having the freedom of not having to contend with thousands of others on the server.

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