Porn and Your Man

Are you desperate and in discomfort over your man's porn viewing habits? You are not alone.

You have some insecurities and maybe other issues that finding your man's porn has brought to the fore. This is an chance for you to heal.

It will likely be a struggle, and there are numerous methods to ease the journey as you sort this out and work to shed old problems. Studying how to communicate with your man so he can hear you is a key piece, but most importantly you should find a way to heal your old wounds.

You might also have to come to accept, mostly, that porn will most likely by no means go away, and that this is not necessarily a poor thing.

I know the final component you most likely don't want to hear. I didn't, and honestly I still go through spells albeit briefly now when I do wish porn would poof go away.

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I've been in about as bad a location more than porn as you can imagine. It triggered my deepest, darkest insecurities. It shook me to my core. I felt as though my whole world and all I believed was true had come crashing down around me. I was as low as can be, but still somehow I knew that my man was and is crazy in lust and love with me, and this confused me greatly.

I knew although and from the beginning that this was a tremendous chance to appear at and release old habits and patterns, protections that no longer served me and in fact hindered me. These things I had accumulated and had pushed them away, ignored them, or didn't even know they had been there, walls, barriers which had been put in place from a young age.As their addiction starts to escalate, pornography addicts start fearing for their souls. They have a spiritual sense that pornography is a sort of poison that is not supposed to be in their life. They get to the point where the increasingly depraved things they view - issues becoming sold as "normal" (such as incest porn, bestiality, scat (faeces) porn and rape porn) - are not "normal" at all and their souls wince at what they are seeing. Numerous addicts really feel that they are violating their consciences just watching it. Porn sends their brain messages about sex that does not tally with their individual ideas of right and incorrect and this traumatises them again and once more - especially as they can't stop viewing it. This is said over and more than and more than once more by the partners of pornography addicts with bottom line themes being "not feeling great enough" "not becoming able to compete" "there being something incorrect with them for their partner needing to appear at porn" and just usually feeling unattractive and ugly compared to porn performers or other people in the street or on Television.

Erectile dysfunction (or E.D.) is the inability to develop or preserve an erection in males and is rampant in these with a pornography addiction in our Internet Age - far more so than was the case pre-Web.