A fresh technique of storytelling!

An introduction to the new virtual canvas for displaying ideas:

Time-honored in 2009 by co-founders Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy and Peter Arvai, Prezi Presentation is a new-fangled way of changing sheen less, monotonous presentations into mesmerizing and engrossing presentations that tells a tale, presenting views on a virtual canvas and online.

  • Prezi presentation tool is cloud-based, which implies that you can present it from your browser, desktop, or cell Phone. You can swiftly make or amend presentation wherever you are, and then auto-sync it across all your devices at your comfort.
  • Instead of moving slide to slide, like other presentations, Prezi presentations captures content in a vast context, engrossing your viewers into the presentation. It creates a illustrated hierarchy, serving you in retaining the information being presented in your mind.
  • Zooming into the details establishes a connection between images and a specific presentation tip. Therefore when you zoom out again, you will remember the point easily.
  • The integrated tools like graphs and flowcharts that other presentation tools provide isn't available in Prezi Presentation.


Benefits of Prezi Presentation:

  • Zooming feature – Prezi Presentation's zooming attribute lets you demonstrate the correlation between the vast images and minute details, accompanying you on a enthralling, informative voyage that will be retained in your memories. In other words, if you want to“zoom in” for prominence, you can. Zooming in and out for focusing on a certain point is a cakewalk for you.


  • Jumping in and out as per requirementPrezi Presentation allows you to select your desired way. To be precise, you can jump in and out as far as your views and ideas and concerned. You are given more flexibility when you are showcasing your ideas.



  • Sharing of Presentations: You can easily share presentations online amongst 10 spectators which makes partnership comfortable.


Limitations of Prezi Presentation:


  • Designing options are circumscribed: Prezi gives you limited backgrounds to pick from and each of the background has a colour and font by default that can't be altered.


  • Pricing - You would have to pay $159/year for an offline version to be used on a desktop. There is a discounted version accessible online for students, but it has restricted file space and storage.


  • Giddiness – Over usage of the zoom function can make users experiences feel air headed.


  • Learning takes time – we never want to step out of our cocoons, do we? In spite of being quite trouble-free tool to use, getting used to it takes time. Though you are user friendly with other presentation tools, but the Prezi Presentation is significantly effortless to learn if you put up a tough practice.

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