During our group work,i realized how challenging it is to work with different people. We all have different ideas but at the end of the day, we have to compromise and together choose just one concept on which to work on. However ,it was fun and i learnt how to respect other people's views as well as how to be tolerant. And it was also easier to express myself freely among my peers. 

     It was satisfying,encouraging and exciting seeing your own mates put up such wonderful performances,not borrowed from anyone but their own concept they brought up, developed and finally presented them. 

      After presenting our works and the judges have passed their remarks, i realized that being creative is not about  just bringing up a splendid idea or producing a wonderful work, it entails you bringng up an idea and executing it so well that the lay man will understand the message you are trying to send across. Because if your audience do not understand what you present  to them and it does not influence them in any way , then your work done is zero. 

    I think that if we had researched more into our work and taken every part of the work serious , and if we had also consulted resource persons and other people who are knowledgeable in what we did, we would have done better that we did. I realized that the little things which we did not pay attention to where the very things that made our work come out not so good. Like the kind of jerseys the players wore and the positioning of ourselves on stage as well as our movement on stage. 

       I have learnt that in the field of art, everything matters ,even the very tiny things. Also it is very essential to be aware of every part of your body and have it under your control. And there are no limitations to creativity, the idea that you might have and thinkit's not so brilliant , if you execute it well ,it will come out as an excellent piece of work.