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The question, is there a proven cure for genital herpes, has been circulating for as long as people have been suffering from this sexually transmitted disease. No matter where the medication comes from, the end result is to deal with the blisters and the pain that accompanies them.

A breakout or flare-up of genital herpes looks like large blisters or pus filled sores and they will appear on a man or a woman who carries the herpes virus. One individual can pass the virus to another even if they are not experiencing the blisters at the time of sexual contact because sometimes they are at the beginning of their symptoms and they are not fully developed yet, therefore it is hard to tell.

There are many places to receive an answer to the question is there a proven cure for genital herpes. Some people will ask their doctor while other turn to the Internet and chat rooms to seek the right answer. Unfortunately the answer is always going to be there is no cure, but there are treatments that will help. Some of the drug companies will claim to have cured genital herpes, but what they have done is made the breakouts less. Scientists around the world are trying to come up with a cure for genital herpes; however they have yet to find the right mixture of medications.

Many nutritionists and doctors agree that an unhealthy lifestyle will add to a person's flare-up of painful blisters. For example, they say that stress, fatigue and a poor eating regimen with a lack of exercise will bring a dormant virus to the service. It has been proven that even people with healthy lives will experience the pain of pimple-like lesions and whether a person's lifestyle is healthy or not, they should have protected sex at all times. One fact remains true and that is, that as a person with genital herpes ages, the breakouts seem to happen less often, although, the ones that do happen are more painful.

There are a whole host of different treatment options for someone who is suffering from genital herpes. Creams and ointments are usually the first line of defense; both are greasy and messy although they are soothing to the pain and swelling around the rash and blistering. Capsules or other types of pills are something else a doctor might try in order to surround the virus from the inside and hope it will become inactive. The pills contain a mix of anti-fungal to stop the spread of the sores, an antibiotic to help with the virus itself and some anti-inflammatory medication for the swelling.

A treatment only works if it's being used by the patient. If they are still asking their doctor, is there a proven cure for genital herpes and not having any success with their treatment, then they probably aren't using it. A doctor may have to try several different forms to treat a patient's genital herpes so that they are more comfortable.Article Source: you looking for a proven genital herpes treatment? Finally, you can now learn how to end your suffering caused by this dreaded illness. Click this link to get more info:

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