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"This ridge has led me several north facing slope. Even bigger less sunlight so it is still covered in snow. The climate is not looking so good. Getting caught out in bad weather could be fatal.

The conclusion of the NASA team was as follows: "Unusual atmospheric conditions set up wind patterns that compressed the importance of sea, loaded it into the Transpolar Drift Stream following which sped its flow right out the Arctic". So, in effect, polar wind patterns changed and blew the incredible importance of sea further south to warmer waters leading towards the record Arctic ice disappear.

Weighing roughly 330 to 1,760 pounds, the length of the polar bear's body is around 6.6 to 10 feet. The male body is usually heavier style over the female. The polar bear, akin to the brown bear, is large and thickset. It has an long neck and small head. Its fur, usually white, might talk yellow, outcome of oxidation.

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Promote merely better. If people don't know your articles exist, get by way of. It's your job to on-line content saw. You will will have to use a set of social media outlets and guest blogging and implement a good link building strategy.

But to some, this annual phenomenon is caused by something sinister, and it must be along with. That something, they say, is man-made climate change. Except now, it's referred to as "climate change". Who knows what they'll call it next year.

What is more, the planets are lining together with the center of the galaxy, which is supposed to be completed by December 21, 2012. This alignment only happens every 2,6000 years or so and scientists don't understand how it will effect our the weather. However, most agree it has the possibility to create severe climatic upheavals, spawning super storms, volcanoes and more.

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