"Grow" Candy Canes with Your Kids

If you are seeking for a enjoyable Christmas tradition that you can do with your children this Christmas, planting Candy Canes and watching them develop is a truly entertaining 1 the youngsters will enjoy! You will need to have a clear jar, it can be Christmas themed or not, some "fake snow", glitter and of course Candy canes in all the sizes listed below in every step!


Have your children place some fake snow in the jar and let them "plant" the candy canes. You will give them tic tacs or modest round mints for them to "plant". Each and every day have them Fake Snow sprinkle some glitter Instant Snow in the jar and right after a few days you will switch out the mints with some larger ones. It will seem to the little ones that their candy canes are developing!


Switch out the mints/tic tacs with little straight candy canes that do not have the hook however. Let the children sprinkle their jars every single day once more with glitter and then right after a handful of days you will change out the candy canes again.

STEP Three

You will switch out the straight candy canes with the mini-candy canes that do have the hooks. Make sure to take wrappers off so that they youngsters will think they are developing and not from the store!


Switch the mini candy canes out with normal sized ones, you can do normal white and red or flavored ones. Have the children sprinkly glitter once again every single day for a handful of a lot more days.


The last issue you'll switch the candy canes to is the Jumbo candy canes. These mainly come in flavors so if you are going to finish with these, make confident you use the flavored ones in Step four. These ought to be switched out just in time for Christmas for the children to get their Jumbo candy canes that they "grew" themselves!

This is a fun tradition that you can start now and the little ones will be confident to enjoy!