The multifrequency measurements of ultrasound attenuation in

The multifrequency measurements of ultrasound attenuation in real pulp were carried out using ultrasonic phased array technology, the main feature of which is a computer-controlled amplitude and phase of the excitation pulses in the multivariate individual piezoelectric transducer. Excitation of piezoelectric elements provided such way that NB-598 to control the parameters of the ultrasound beam, e.g., an angle, focal length, focal spot size by the computer program [16] and [17].
The ultrasonic transducer which had the following characteristics defined by its material and geometry used in the simulation with software and hardware tools package TAC (Transducer Array Calculation) is presented on Fig. 5[18].
Fig. 5. Characteristics of the transducer: 1 – Amplitude, 2 – Phase, 3 – Active Power.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
The acoustic pressure field of 25 – element transducer in the focal plane x–z for y = 0 m is shown in Fig. 6.