How do I use a Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner?

Clear the Room and Pretreat the CarpetMove the furniture from the area you are cleaning. Vacuum the carpet to remove loose steam cleaner debris from the floor. Spray a pretreating solution into heavily stained areas of the carpet.

Prepare the Bissell ProHeatLift the handle of the two-in-one water tank. Pull the water tank from the base of the Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner. Remove the top of the tank. Fill the bladder with clean hot (not boiling) water. Reassemble the two-in-one water tank and attach the tank back to the carpet cleaner. Remove the formula tank form the back of the carpet cleaner. Fill the formula tank with cleaning solution. Install the formula tank to the back of the carpet cleaner.

Clean the CarpetTurn on the power switch and allow the water to heat for one minute. Press the dispensing trigger as you push the carpet cleaner across the floor. Pull the carpet cleaner back over the wet carpet. Release the trigger and make another forward and backward pass to pull the dirty water from the carpet. Empty the dirty water from the two-in-one water tank when full. Refill the clean water as needed.

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