Announces the Launch of Peeker Video Ads, an Ad Network dedicated to Web 2.0 technologies, is announcing the initial launch of its first video ads along with animations. Their unique approach has broken records and dramatically increased CTR% and Conversions online. They have broken clear of stuck movie, and create personalized films for advertisers and major manufacturers. The approach is compared to many TELEVISION Networks, that they have termed Peeker Ads. The ads glance or animate onto webpages similar to you see on major TV Networks now. The new method on line is hidden and guests seem to enjoy seeing these movie ads to learn more without having to keep the page or start a new window. This approach is interesting when comparing to some other kind of creative as it has increased eCPM substantially, says Ricky Ahjua, Director of Online Marketing at Because it is customized movie made for their service or product the advertisers love it. Visiting maybe provides aids you might tell your pastor. We found out about Troy Warren Announces Launch Of New City Directory Network and Names Dione Balingit National Director by browsing books in the library. Video right now is very hot and editors are cashing in as well due to the new found area these peeker ads existing. These give publishers the ability to quickly plug in to true qualified video ads which can be generating click through rate percentages 2,000 and greater. It's a new frontier of internet marketing. appears to have mastered the method, employment and monetization of movie commercials and gives videos quickly and effectively to any campaign to boost and improve online activities. They are absolutely on leading edge of the wave; large advertisers such as and are both considering like systems. Publishers and merchants get these movies peeker ads absolutely free once they partner with the Affiliated, letting Affiliated shoulder the expense of production while increasing ROI and conversions for merchants, generally for a revenue share relationship. Editors are often restricted by limited resources and services offered in their mind by their sites says Chris Kautz, Director of Business Development at Affiliateds videos are provided with personalized players and peeker ads to blend in with internet sites and give a number of choices concerning a look and feel. They have full get a grip on over how many times these videos are played for a viewer, delay time, location and etc. After the initial work of these videos; more options will soon be gradually added for the editors profit, these are just the very first options available. is consistently attempting to improve its products and offer more options for its partners. Dig up supplementary information on our affiliated use with - Hit this website: About has had another leap in Affiliate Marketing Online and made the highest answering vehicle on the web today - Video! We have opened the world of on the web video advertising to Publishers & Advertisers with the launch of a 2.0 Ad Network. To find out more about visit