The Oral Sex Tips That Will Make Your Lover Squirm With Pleasure All Night Long

Send a bing-bong to his ding dong. When you have him inside of your hot, wet mouth make some noise. No, not any kind of noise. Don't worry about what your mother said about making noise while you have something in your mouth. Make that delicious sound of slurping and humming and moaning you get while you are licking and sucking. Wait, we need a break... OK, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, you want your partner into it, so you need to be into it as well. A nice hum from your mouth while performing oral sex can simulate the gentle vibration he would get from a mini vibrator.
Make it wet. The wetter you have your mouth or the more lubricant you use on your hand, the better it is going to feel for him. You know that when you are really lubricated during sex, your man always comments on how good it feels. The same goes for oral sex. Make it wet and your man is going to love it.
Begin with the inner thighs as well. Women love to be licked at the inner thighs because it makes them feel desirable and sexy. Gradually move to the vagina area and focus on the clitoris. Her clitoris is the most responsive erogenous zone of a woman and it looks like a tiny pea that is located just outside the vagina. Lick it gently in slow, circular motions. Suck it gently, and then let go of it. Repeat it again.

Women have multiple erogenous zones on their body. Most of the time, men only seem to concentrate on one or two areas. Be sure to let your hands and mouth do some exploring while performing cunnilingus. Find different places on her body to touch gently and see how she reacts.
There are a few blowjob techniques that are a must for every man to know and chances are, you haven't learned them yet. If you did know these tips, then you would be giving your woman pleasure so amazing it would be driving her literally insane. Now is the time that you learned how to do just that.
The second technique is to get into it and to enjoy it yourself. The more you enjoy it and the more you feel pleasure from going down on him, the hotter the entire experience is for him. When he doesn't feel that guilt from giving you pleasure, then he can let go and get lost in the moment too. Plus, women who actually love giving oral are some of the sexiest women in the eyes of a man so be that woman for him tonight. You might learn that you can actually get turned on and feel pleasure from performing oral on him.
There are some areas in how to give a good blowjob that you need to explore if you want to give him the best oral job possible. Start by licking and teasing the tip of his manhood, where the opening is located, then slowly move your tongue around the head, don't forget the underside area.
The best way to prep a woman sexually is to prep her mentally. Sometimes this means taking on some tasks that she would normally do, such as bathing the kids, cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, etc. Being a helpful partner to her outside of the bedroom will give her more energy and more excitement inside of the bedroom.