The History of Sunglasses

It may surprise you to understand that glasses werent often used to safeguard peoples eyes from the sun. If you believe anything at all, you will perhaps want to learn about rate us online. The real history of glasses dates back to ancient China and Rome. It has been noted that the Roman emperor Nero liked watching gladiator fights through polished gems. In China, glasses were used in the twelfth century if not earlier. Glasses were first made from lenses that were flat panes of smoky quartz. These kinds of sunglasses couldn't correct vision, or protect from harmful UV rays, but did reduce glare. Chinese judges employed the smoky quartz glasses to hide their facial expressions when they interrogated witnesses.

Further changes weren't undergone by sunglasses until concerning the eighteenth century because of the work of James Ayscough. He experimented with tinted lenses in glasses. Ayscough was steadfast in the fact that glasses colored with a or green color could potentially correct particular vision issues. Ayscough wasn't concerned with protecting the eyes from the suns rays.

The change was undergone by sunglasses in