As indicated in Scheme the reaction proceeds very

The structures of the products were deduced from their 1H NMR, 13C NMR, elemental analysis, mass and IR spectra. The mass spectra of these compounds demonstrated molecular Micafungin peaks at the suitable m/z values. The 1H NMR spectrum of (4a) consisted of multiplet at 1.16–1.94 ppm for 5CH2 of cyclohexyl, a multiplet at 3.82–3.90 ppm for CH–N, a singlet at δ = 1.83 ppm for CH3, a singlet at δ = 2.38 ppm for CH3 (4-methyl on phenyl), an AB-quartet for CH2 of CH2CO2Ph at δ = 4.75 ppm and 5.05 ppm (2JHH = 11.6 Hz), a doublet at δ = 6.28 ppm for NH, a doublet at 6.41 for 1H of CHCH (3JHH = 16 Hz) and a multiplet at δ = 7.19–8.03 ppm for CCH and aromatic protons of phenyls. The 1H-decoupled 13C NMR spectrum of 4a is in compromise with the propounded structure. In view of the success of the above-mentioned reaction, we prospected the scope of this promising reaction by varying the structure of the (E)-cinnamic acid, aromatic acid and isocyanide components.