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Answers To Two Common Concerns...

I have a query. There is this woman that I truly like, and she tells me that she just wants to be buddies, and I was just questioning, what can I do to create her change her mind?

>>>MY Feedback:

This can be a fantastic question, and I get it a lot. I believe of this as a much different question compared to the above, as it's generally something that can be fixed. Here is how: If most of the ladies that you simply meet are telling you that they wish to be "just friends", then it means that You're Performing Some thing To create THEM ALL Really feel THAT WAY. The great information is that if you are performing some thing to make them feel that way, then you definitely can start performing something different to create them feel Drawn to you rather.

You're probably not going to be in a position to do a lot for your ones that are currently telling you they want to just "be friends", but here is what to do in the long term:


If you act like a "nice, friendly guy" then a woman is not likely to really feel drawn to you. What do I mean by "nice" and "friendly"?

I mean do not give her too many compliments, do not act shy and do not smother her with attention. Don't call her every five minutes. Do not talk having a tentative, weak voice. Do not go far out of your way to be accommodating too early. Don't inform her that you have feelings for her before you have gotten intimate with her. DO tease her.

DO act Cocky & Funny around her. DO end phone conversations and meetings first. DO act a little bit too confident. DO use The Kiss Test early on in the relationship. DO speak with strength and confidence.

Are you with me?

If you're getting a common response from most of the ladies you meet, then the common denominator is YOU and the way you are acting. So keep working on it until you get the outcomes you want.


I am a great looking athletic guy. When single I have never had trouble getting dates. I use the cocky, funny and mysterious rap. I have been in and out of a partnership with the same wonderful and challenging woman for nine (I know its ridiculous) years. I know that I wish to spend my life with this woman, but she has lost her interest and me and says she thinks of me as a brother. She complains that I am not touchy feely enough, but then rejects me when I try to be so. I am so confused by what she says and what she means. I know that I lost my edge and she knows that I love her unconditionally. I know that she fell for your cocky guy and said that she wanted to turn me into a teddy bear. I tried unsuccessfully to do that for a while and now that I wish to truly do it and believe that I actually could, she doesn't want it from me now.

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