Police officers failed to find any gunman after scouring the salmoncolored building at 330 N. Brand Blvd. for more than five hours, but said late Wednesday afternoon that they had leads on a possible suspect.We are looking for him to determine if in fact he was the man who walked in with a rifle,'' said Sgt. Rick Young of the Glendale Police Department. We searched every inch of that place and did not locate the suspect. Our feeling is he most likely left the building before we got there.''Young declined to comment on whether the man was an employee in the building or knew employees in the office complex, saying only that police had the suspect's name and that he was described as Latino. when a witness noticed a man enter the lobby carrying a strange object covered by a jacket.Just before the man stepped onto an elevator, the jacket slipped off, revealing a rifle, police said.About 25 Glendale and six Burbank police officers swarmed the building, instructing employees to lock their office doors and shut off the lights until they could be escorted out of the highrise floor by floor.I was about to have a heart attack,'' said Brenda Lomax, who said she waited in the dark for more than two hours before the police came and evacuated her health care company office.People these days come shoot up their wives on the job,'' Lomax added. People get fired and come back and shoot everyone. I took this very seriously.''One of the witnesses who spotted the rifletoting man get into the elevator accompanied police in hopes of helping to identify the suspect.A Glendale police helicopter and the department's Special Response Team also aided in the manhunt, which led to the closure of the 300 block of Brand Boulevard.The evacuation could not have come at a worse time for Burbank resident Stephanie Peters, who had to delay plans to leave on her vacation because police had sealed off access to the building's garage.My husband is going to be waiting for me,'' said Peters, who had planned to leave Glendale at noon..