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Ruff Wear Cloud moncler store Chaser Jacket review

Getting up and going on a winter morning is difficult for people. It's just as difficult for our canine family members. The cold weather outside makes a warm cozy bed more inviting. And forget about going out for a brisk hike or snowshoe trek with your fourlegged friend.

Ruff Wear has been touting highquality gear since 1994. One of their latest product releases, the Cloud Chaser jacket, is designed to motivate your dog to wake and get on the trails on a snowfilled day. The Ruff Wear Cloud Chaser is advertised for use in snowshoeing, crosscountry skiing, backcountry skiing and snowboarding.

The Cloud Chaser is a softshell jacket and is designed with a combo of fabric. Ruff Wear has split the jacket's construction into an upper and lower. The upper covers the dog's back and a part of their shoulders and thigh.

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Made of a laminated nylon and spandex softshell, Ruff Wear boasts the upper as waterproof, windproof and breathable. The lower is also a softshell and sports a Dupont Teflon making it resistant to water, snow and dirt. The upper and lowers attaches with a YKK zipper.

The Ruff Wear Cloud Chaser covers your entire dog except some of their hind quarter. In many chilly days with the temperatures in their teens, the Cloud Chaser retains heat. A quick touch under the Cloud Chaser shows your dog's body will still be warm even after being out in inclement conditions for considerable time.

The jacket does not restrain your dog's movement. The fabrics in the Cloud Chaser flex to your dog's movements and do not cause abrasions.

The worst part of any canine jacket is trying to put it on your pup. The Ruff Wear Cloud Chaser goes on as easy as your dog's demeanor allows. The jacket requires that you place your dog's paws through the front legs then fasten the zipper.

Ruff WearThe Ruff Wear Cloud Chaser jacket provides your pup with extended warmth in blustery conditions. The Cloud Chaser is best used for an active dog and an equally active human. Your dog will be motivated to get for an early morning jaunt even in dropping temperatures. Couple it with The Beacon, a safety light, and your dog won't be missed when you are out in night.