How I did my own successful low budget wedding

My 13 Secrets for a Successful Low Budget Wedding

Photo: Thalia Brussow

1. Plan ahead as far as possible - last minute stuff will always end up costing a fortune because you are desperate and don't have time think it through.

2. Opt for the DIY route - it is cheaper and ads a personal touch.

3. Choose electronic wedding invitations - save money and the environment.

4. Have a honeymoon (even a wedding) in the winter and keep it local.

5. Ask for cash - it is better than useless wedding gifts.

6. Don't go for the so called "professionals" - ask people who do things like photography,make-up, hair styling and baking as a hobby. They will give you good value for money.

7. Don't hire or buy when you can borrow

8. Research, research, research! Don't take the first thing that comes your way, search for the best items and quotes.

9. Hunt for bargains on absolutely everything, especially your wedding dress, rings and accessories. if you can't find a bargain in time, open an account at the store in question. Please just make sure you can actually afford the monthly instalment on the account or you will get into financial trouble.

10. Have a cash bar

11. Invite only the nearest and dearest and don't bother with bridesmaids.

12. You don't need a DJ - all you need is a laptop, a proper sound system and music.

13. Don't let tradition dictate what you should or shouldn't do - go with your heart (and your budget!)

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