Fax Broadcasting–A New Marketing Tool

Fax Broadcasting or mass faxing as it is called is a new tool to aid product promotion, business promotion in a very short span of time to probable, target customers.

In the competitive world of business, when advertisements are a high priority for promoting businesses and brand building, bulk faxing comes to the immediate rescue of those who have a small initial budget kept aside for advertisements or for transmitting documents. The target segment can be easily reached, from the moment the plan for advertisement takes off from the board room.


  1. The greatest advantage accrued is the low cost of sending fax which can be as low as a telephone call. Fax Broadcasting is one the most economical ways of cost cutting process.
  2. This method is very fast, as the advertisement flier can be sent immediately and without any hassles, from the moment they are designed. Even the changes in prices, policies or the products can be notified very fast to customers.
  3. Mass Faxing is more efficient as compared to sending emails as the fax is delivered to the target audience directly, whereas the emails may be delivered to the spam folders and advertisements in particular can go completely unnoticed from the view of the potential customer.
  4. Security and privacy of the messages can be guaranteed as they remain hidden from eavesdropping from various agencies.

Who Benefits?

  1. Small businesses, new start-ups, entrepreneurs for the promotion of products and services, in a cost effective and targeted manner as they tend to set aside a smaller budget towards initial advertising. The hard-copies tend to catch attention very fast.
  2. Businesses interested in sending memos, invoices and advertorials to various other business houses and/ or people.
  3. Bulk Fax service can be used by a head-office for sending same bills, notices and circulars to different in-house departments or offices.
  4. The worker who is in single-handed charge of sending business advertisements to various other people located either locally or at various other places.
  5. For announcing change in pricing, policies or change in product designs to clients effectively within very less time.

What needs to be done?

All that you have to do is buy a module for mass faxing and save a few numbers and send messages at a click of few buttons. Or you may simply hire the services of a third-party and provide them with messages to be sent. You do not now have to worry about prying eyes of the spying agencies. You can now sit back and enjoy the services which are fast, secure, economical and very reliable. The advertisement can be made to go viral at super-low costs. You can now see your business grow!