Record Shredding: Destroying What You Value

Police force

Appropriate industries



Medical care

Economic company (broker)



Production companies

The answer: The above-mentioned companies value information as a very important aspect of their operations. They're information-sensitive they've a need to make sure that essential and sensitive data are secured and protected constantly. To check up additional info, consider having a gaze at: study

What information ar...

What do the next companies have in common?

Law enforcement

Legal companies




Economic support (broker)



Manufacturing companies

As a critical facet of their operations information is regarded by the answer: the above-mentioned industries. They're information-sensitive they've a need to ensure that crucial and confidential data are secured and protected at all times.

What data are considered classified? Some are shown below:

Disbursement records (Wages, etc.)

Accounts records (financial statements such as the balance sheet, etc.)

Revenue receipts

Bank records

Social Security records

Business words

Customer data

Personnel records

Computer printouts

Computer discs or tapes

Why is there a need to protect such information? Companies are in constant danger of having such sensitive information to fall under the wrong hands people that are out to cause injury, such as a dissatisfied worker or a player, which could lead to both of the following:

Poor promotion


Loss in staff or key employees (probably to some rival)

Loss of clients