Woman Stabbed at Art Basel, Patrons 'Thought It Was Performance Art' - People Magazine

By Naja Rayne

@najarayne and George Stark 12/05/2015 AT 01:00 AM EST

Art Basel took a turn for the worst when a woman was stabbed inside the Miami Beach Convention Center the site for the main event on Friday night.

According to a statement obtained by PEOPLE, the stabbing was an isolated incident which reportedly occurred after a fight between two women escalated, leaving one with stab wounds to her arms and neck.

"At 5:20 p.m. a visitor was assaulted by another visitor in the Nova sector of the fair," the statement reads. "The attack was an isolated incident that was immediately secured. The victim was taken directly to the hospital and according to the Miami Beach Police Department the victim's injuries are non-life threatening. Our thoughs are with the victim."

A source on the scene tells PEOPLE: "Some of the patrons inside thought it was performance art, or a performance."

However, neither of the two women were showing art at the event, and the Miami Herald reports that the artist of a nearby exhibit, Naomi Fisher, said she heard a scuffle and then saw a woman being taken away by paramedics around 5:30 p.m.

"A guy walked up to me and said, 'I thought I saw a performance, and I thought it was fake blood, but it was real blood," she told the paper. "It's horrible I'm so freaked out. I feel nauseous."

Security had reportedly announced before the event that they were planning to increase the amount of security at the art show in light of the recent terror attacks in Paris, which helped on site officers secure the scene quickly.

"The suspect was apprehended by police who were at the scene within seconds of the incident," the statement continued. "The extensive security provided by the Miami Beach Convention Center is supporting the investigation."

Among the many in attendance, were celebs Katie Holmes and Kylie Jenner, who like most patrons, had no idea that a stabbing occurred.