Much More Effective Hep C Treatments Available

what is hepatitis cYour liver is an integral component in getting rid of harmful toxins from your body and allowing your system to absorb the nutrition in the foods you eat. If your liver is damaged, grave repercussions may happen. A common reason for extensive liver dilapidation is disease of the liver.

What is disease of the liver you might ask? disease of the liver resulting from a viral infection.

How Can One Contract Hepatitis ?

- Sharing needles to inject illegal substances
- Using unsanitary equipment while applying a tattoo or body piercing
- Contamination from infectious blood or equipment. This is common among doctors or nurses
- Receiving a blood transfusion before
- Sexual relations with many companions without using protection
- Prior STD infections
- Individuals that have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS

Please note that it is not easy to transmit disease of the liver to other people. Casual contact, kissing, sneezing or cough, sharing eating utensils or breastfeeding do not spread the infection.

Signs of Hepatitis C

Most individuals which are carrying disease of the liver don't have any issues. In fact a diagnosis for disease of the liver can be made 10-20 years after you have first contracted the virus. But, those that do develop symptoms attributed to disease of the liver frequently experience flu-like symptoms. These signs can include:

Sore muscles
Joint pain
Nausea or little appetite
Pain in the stomach
Itching skin
Dark-colored urine
Discolored skin or eyes also known as jaundice

Diagnosed With Hepatitis

If you have been told you have disease of the liver, it's important not to panic. A multitude of treatment choices are applicable to fight the virus and even to eliminate HCV permanently. Make sure to discuss treatment options with your doctor including 2 new disease of the liver drug treatments that have emerged in the last several years.

Hepatitis Side-Complications

In some cases, disease of the liver can turn into a chronic condition that clears up by itself and then recurs at regular intervals.