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3 Ways To Use Cement Pavers As Garden Enhancements

You will have to put in some time and energy to be successful in this venture, however. This probably has you wondering where to start your own garden.

Plant seeds in pots that have a rich soil to give them a strong start. Doing this betters your odds of your plants making it to adulthood. This also helps tighten time between plantings. Your seedlings will be ready to be planted when you remove your old mature plants.

A handy trick is to turn the handle on a tool that you use often into a makeshift ruler. Handles of things such as rakes, hoes or shovels make excellent measuring instruments. After laying the handles on the floor, run the measuring tape along beside them. It's a good idea to label distances with a permanent marker. Now, the next time you do work in the garden, you'll actually have a ruler at your fingertips.

Use climbers to cover fences and walls. Climbing plants are great for hiding hideous walls and fences, and they usually grow within a season. You can also train climbers to cover arbors and other things that you want covered, and they will even grow right through trees and shrubs. Some of these plants must have support, and some can attach themselves to something using their stems and tendrils. Plants such asclematis and wisteria, climbing roses, or honeysuckle are always great choices.

Watch out for stink bugs, especially in the fall, if you are going to be doing some gardening! These bugs like to eat beans, peppers and tomatoes and many kinds of fruits. If left uncontrolled, they can cause substantial damage in your garden, so make plans for how to protect your plants from these pests.

If you want your garden to blossom with flowers throughout the summer and spring, plant some bulbs in it. Most people have no trouble successfully growing bulbs, and their flowers will return each and every year. If you are careful to choose the right bulbs, you will see blooms in the early spring, and have flowers all the way to late summer, remember that different bulbs will bloom at all different times of the year, so.

Do not trim it too low to the ground, as you cut your grass. Keeping grass with a little more height makes it healthier. This allows the roots to grow more deeply and makes the blades of grass more resistant to becoming dry and discolored. Grass that is shorter has a root system that is easier to dry out.

Make sure they are in a location in your garden where they will be exposed daily to at least six hours of the sun if growing vegetables. This allows the vegetables to grow healthily and quickly. Many flowers also require adequate sunlight to flourish.

Don't plant a garden without planning it. A thoughtful plan can remind you of previous plantings and what you will see appearing from the soil in the months of summer and spring. In addition, some plants are so small you might forget you planted them once all your plants sprout. Planning stops these plants from getting lost in the crowd.

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