EVO 4Gs still out of stock, but there's an app for that

Follow my_iria on TwitterIf you're jonesing for a Sprint HTC EVO 4G, and constantly trolling the Sprint site to see if the device comes back in stock, you're not alone. One of the developers at Amplete, a web app development company, apparently feeling the pain, has created a web app, just for that.

Naturally, it's not completely altruistic. The page also has plenty of advertising on it, saying,

This nifty service brought to you free of charge by Amplete Software.

Next time you need a web application built for your company, choose Amplete.

That said, it's still useful, although the company admits they are scraping Sprint's site, and if Sprint makes a change, the app may stop working. The app checks Sprint every 10 minutes for an update, and the company also noted they will update a specific Twitter feed dedicated to the scraper.

What are you waiting for? If you want an EVO 4G, and don't want to pay through the nose on eBay, head on over to http://amplete.com/evo-notifier/.