Christian Bale and Joel Edgerston clash in new trailer to Exodus: Gods and Kings

The genre of biblical epics takes a new turn this December as director Ridley Scott presents Exodus: Gods and Kings. As the title suggest, this Holiday film deals with the story of Moses and how he free the Jewish slaves from Egypt. However, unlike past adaptions of this story, Exodus: Gods and Kings takes the biblical story down a different path as clash of kings hack Moses is more of a warrior oppose to being a prophet. The film stars Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul, John Turturro, Sigorney Weaver clash of kings hack download and Ben Kingsley.

With the movie only two months away, it seemed pretty clear for a full trailer to arrive on web during this fall season. Sure enough, 20th Century Fox has released the second trailer to this Biblical epic. The latest preview gives viewers a better idea of the film's direction. The first preview indicated that Exodus would be taking a broader form of the Biblical tale, and sure enough, this new trailer cements the idea of a realistic tone for the upcoming film. The trailer shows viewers a different version of the book of Exodus but whether or not this idea will work for film's final clash of kings hack gold cut remains to be seen. While the movie takes a unique approach on the subject matter, that does not mean it is dropping Exodus' most crucial points. From watching the trailer, moviegoers should spot that the seven plagues will be featured in this upcoming film. The plagues will not only be brought to life for the film, but they seem to be incorporating the movie's impressive 3D effects. All in all, it would appear that Exodus: Gods and Kings may be a spectacle as much as it could be a drama; which is a great combination for any epic.

What do you think of this new trailer? Does it get you excited for the new Ridley Scott film? Express your thoughts in the comments below. Exodus: Gods and Kings hits theaters on December 12th.

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