'Clash of Kings' goes free to play

Elex has announced their RTS war game Clash of Kings is now available to download for free. The game is available for Android, iOS and PC platforms. Clash of Kings was first released on Android over a year ago and now the game can be played for free on more platforms worldwide.



Peng Yue, Chief Producer at Elex said: We've had success all over the world and now were bringing the game to even more players. Its been incredible that the game has been so well received, with positive player reviews and the number of people actively playing Clash Of Kings, its a testament to the quality of the game.

In Clash of Kings play in a medieval world full of enemies. The game features an unforgiving PvP battle mechanic as well as integrated PvE battles. Larger scale battles with your Kings army will be based on your level.

Clash of Kings is now free to play but Elex has worked to keep the game balanced. The free-to-play system will also offer in app purchases. Players will not be held back by this system when gathering resources to build their empires though.

Were a premium games provider and players will have access to a high calibre gaming experience thats free to play. We focus on delivering the highest quality, rewarding customers with an incredible gaming experience to keep them coming back. We encourage players clash of kings hack gold to clash with one clash of kings hack gold another, forge alliances, build troops, weapons and explore a land full of monsters in the wilderness, whilst defending what is rightfully theirs through time and/or money spent in the game., said Chief Producer at Elex, Peng Yue.

Players can download the game for free for Android, iOS or PC now. Start forging alliances, making enemies and working your way up to the Clash of Clans throne.