Selena Gomez asks fans to send letter to Santa, donate to Make-A-Wish foundation

The entertainer enlisted her fans on Tuesday afternoon to raise income for the Make-A-Want Foundation. Gabriella will Personalized Santa Letters deliver them to Macy's on Sunday to help the Make-A-Want campaign this vacation season.

For each letter received, Macy's will donate $1 to Make-A-Want, and Gabriella is hoping to contribute to the charity by collecting Personalized Santa Letters and dropping off cards in order to aid fund the organization. As the Christmas season gets closer, the star asked if folks could send a Christmas card to Santa Claus so a donation could be created to the charity.

Sending out your last minute Christmas cards? Add one particular much more address to your list. The brilliant thought has fans of Gomez rushing about and putting cards in the mail prior to Christmas, as the star left an address to mail the cards just before Saturday.

Absolutely everyone can participate even if they dont send the cards to Gomezs buddy. By simply dropping off a card to Santa at a nearby Macys Division Shop, any individual can assist contribute to the Make-A-Want pledge, and each dollar counts!

. Help Gabriella attain her goal of one hundred,000 letters Letters from Santa Claus to Santa by sending your letters to Santa, wrote Selena Gomez on her official Facebook web page Tuesday afternoon.

Selena Gomez usually has her heart in the right location when it comes to charity