Agni Foundation - Chennai Floods Rescue &Relief update 7/12/2015 – Part I

Agni Foundation - Chennai Floods Rescue &Relief update 7/12/2015 – Part I

Thank God the rains have stayed away. Chennai is healing. Rescue operations have now come to a halt, having rescued more than 2300 families across the city.

We have distributed over INR 3,90,00,000 rupees worth of clothes, blankets, medicines and served over 10 lakh food and water packets which have all been donated by the residents of Chennai, other districts of TamilNadu, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other locations over the past 2 weeks.

Relief and Rehabilitation works are now under way. We are blessed to inform that over a lakh of food and water packets are being distributed today alone by the service minded and passionate youth volunteers of the Agni Foundations. Credits to benevolent donors who provided the meals. Over INR 52,00,000 worth of food, water, and mainly medicines, blankets, sanitary items and other materials are being Distributed yesterday.

450 Foundations volunteers have been working tirelessly day and night to help those who are severely affected. We have been blessed with logistic resources of 7 buses, 4 trucks, 11 cars, a couple of boats and several bikes to reach relief supplies to the affected areas in the past week.

Big corporate enterprises like Tata Trust, Hexaware, Zomato, Big basket among others have expressed interests to support us. Media houses in chennai such as Suryan FM, Big FM, Radio 1 and Chennai Live have partnered with us and is relaying information regarding our efforts.

It is at times of such grave crisis that we as a society are provided with an opportunity to showcase the humanity inside all of us that makes us social beings!!


Listed below are the emergency materials required for the affected families to get their lives back on track:


1. Emergency Medicines

2. Clothes(saree/dhothi/dress)

3. Footwear

4. Towels

5. Tooth paste/ brush

6. Underwear

7. Sanitary pads

8. Books/notebooks

9. Stationery

10. Mosquito coils/ odomos

11. Used phones/ chargers

12. Candles/ lamps

13. First aid kits

14. Milk powder

15. Dry fruits/nuts

16. Chocolates

17. Water bottles

18. Glocon D / boost /horlicks etc.

19. Soaps

20. Basic toiletries

We also have a PayPal account set up in our webpage for those who wants to support us monetarily. Please do your bit to our society and help our brothers and sisters who are struggling to survive.




SURYAN FM 93.5 is officially partnering with us to spread the awareness. So far we have registered more than 500 volunteers. Kudos!


Please continue to support the Agni Foundation - Chennai Needs you! In any way you can.

Socially inclined citizens who want to volunteer/donate, please reach us at 8754575678, 9500088664, 9445024084 or visit us @

We also have a fairly updated FACEBOOK page (Agni Foundation) where you can view the pictures of proceeds and recipients as well as other information regarding our operations.