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Exam Code: 642-885 Exam Questions
Exam Name: Deploying Cisco Service Provider Advanced Network Routing
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Updated: 12-10,2015
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NO.1 Refer to the Cisco IOS-XR show output exhibit.
Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)
A. The RPF neighbor is the path towards the RP for the multicast group
B. The RP for the multicast group is reachable over the Gi0/0/0/0 interface
C. This router is the RP for the multicast group
D. Incoming multicast group traffic will be sent out through the Gi0/0/0/0 interface
E. Incoming multicast group traffic will be sent out through the Gi0/0/0/2 interface
Answer: A,D

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NO.2 Which optionshowsthe equivalent multicast MAC address mapping of multicast address
A. 01:00:5e:52:65:be
B. 01:00:5d:52:65:be
C. 01:00:5f:52:65:be
D. 01:00:5c:52:65:be
Answer: A

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NO.3 Which two options areadvantages of an IPv6 dual-stack implementation in an enterprise
environment? (Choose two.)
A. simplifies the route redistribution policies complexity
B. requires IPv6-to-IPv4 translation on the uplinks to the service providers
C. provides built-in support for Kerberos authentication
D. does not have to worry about NAT traversal
E. supports multicast properly
Answer: D,E

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NO.4 What are three BGP configuration characteristics of a multihomed customer that is connected
to multiple service providers? (Choose three.)
A. The multihomed customer can use local preference to influence the return traffic from the service
B. The multihomed customer announces its assigned IP address space to its service providers through
C. The multihomed customer has to decide whether to perform load sharing or use a primary/backup
D. The multihomed customer must use private AS number
E. The multihomed customer configures outbound route filters to prevent itself from
becoming a transit AS
Answer: B,C,E

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NO.5 Which three statements regarding the BGP operations are correct? (Choose three)
A. PE5 will set the local preferences 200 on all the prefixes sent to CE5
B. PE5 will set the local preference to 200 on all the prefixes learned from CE5
C. CE5 has received 5 prefixes from the PE5 EBGP peer
D. CE5 has the BGP scan interval set to 30 seconds
E. CE5 is announcing the prefix via EBGP to the PE5 EBGP peer
F. The AS-Path to reach the prefix from CE5 is: 64500 64497 64498
Answer: C,E,F

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