Edge and Soul is open up not reset the character within 2016

Meanwhile, for those who wish to experience before Blade as well as Soul English version, the actual Closed Beta phase (with reset character) next video game will be determined on 06 24-30 / 11 arriving here.

Recently, NPH NCSoft has announced that it will wide open officially for Blade and also Soul game on the day nineteen. 01. 2016. Reportedly, this is the version of the cheap BNS gold online game characters do not reset.

At the same time, for those who want to experience prior to Blade and Soul British version, the Closed Beta phase (with reset character) next game will be decided on June 24-30 or 11 coming here.

To try out a non - focus on attractive and stunning images developed by Unreal Engine three, the Blade and Spirit has mesmerizes many players in Vietnam and many other nations around the world, online games from Korea It is always is a monument in the class action role-playing sport online.

It should also be mentioned that, Blade and Heart and soul English version is totally free playtime. However , NPH NCSoft also introduced additional types of "premium" with the purchase of a unique pack of the game, use more advantages for new gamers to experience.MMOROG Co.,Ltd