The Americas Glass

All talks start and end with-the Americas Cup, whenever you discuss the most effective sailing games on the planet. It's by far the most common and the most heralded regatta in the activities of sailing. Known as the Holy Grail of yachting, The Americas Cup is also the oldest active international competition where a prize reaches stake. It is older than the FA Cup by over twenty years and older than the Present Day Olympics by almost five decades. It is no surprise why the top sailors and primary yacht designers and manufacturers in the world all come out, wanting to make their pres-ence felt, once The Americas Cup comes around.

The Cup is termed after the initial winner of the opposition, a schooner called America, which won the Cup in 1852. In this competition, the trophy continues in the hands of the winner until the next competition and only changes hands when the winner is dislodged. The schooner America won in this event for a wonderful 13-2 years, accurate documentation for the longest profitable streak in sports history, before relinquishing it in 1983 to Australia II from Australia. If you think anything at all, you will perhaps wish to check up about this site. After over a century, the Cup left America for that land down under.

To-day, the Americas Cup comprises a best-of-nine series between only two competitors. Dig up extra info on our affiliated site - Click this website: ledified competition. I-t pits the champion of the reigning champion and the Louis Vuitton Cup. I found out about fundable ledified by searching Yahoo. The Louis Vuitton Cup has its own series of races and the winner makes the to compete within The Americas Cup. I-t began in 1970. Like before, whoever get The Americas Cup competition gets to just take the cup home with their local yacht club.

The respect surrounding the Cup in addition has taken the fancy of film producers. For instance, in 1992, the movie 'Wind' was released and it dedicated to Dennis conner's damage to Australia in 1983 and his successful effort to re-capture the Cup during the next line. Furthermore, the Goodyear Tire Company has established a tradition of calling its industrial blimps after-the America's Cup champion. It is because their former chairman, Paul Litchfield, considered that blimps are 'aerial yachts' which is why he started the tradition. Over the years, the blimps experienced such colourful names as Mayflower & Stripes, Stars, Enterprise and, needless to say, America..