How do you say in Chinese abc

How do you say in Chinese? It's a lovely set, to learn, and that means you want someone who is able to be a happy Chinese New Year or simply say happy new year in the turn of the calendar year.
The importance of practice
They practice speaking Chinese in a Chinese restaurant or with a native speaker. Practice the language with someone who fluently give you the opportunity to get feedback and know when you want to say the words with the right phonetic tone is. Mandarin Chinese has four different tonal variants in which to tell the Chinese words, and distinct inflections can change the significance of words. Get the turning incorrect, and something could wind to say, you don't have to say the goal.
Someone wish a Happy New Year
Pinyin, the Chinese language pronunciation, spells greet a happy new year in this manner: xn ni & aacute, n kuai le?. This is pronounced "sing Nee Ann koo why ler." One could say Happy New Year as follows:?; ". Sing Nee Ann as" xn ni & aacute nh o, prounounced
It is advisable on the way the words are inflected and pronounced, so that you can repeat the phrases spoken correctly listen. I simply do not read them will give you enough info on how how you say happy new year in chinese with the right tonal inflection say. Look online, in order to master the pronunciation of websites that offer audio clips of spoken Mandarin. Replay the audio until you are sure you have the right pronunciation.
Make sure you learn the proper arrangement of sentences that are Chinese. It is considered a sign of politeness and respect with formal language to tackle that was Chinese, which is some thing that the Chinese cultural worth. They will never be violated if you formally welcome them, even if you know someone well.
One common New Year's greeting
You can someone prosperity together with aacute & the phrase ni want every year, n ni & aacute; ny 'u y uacute; that seems like? "Nin yo you." This is an added lovely greeting beyond wish someone a happy new year.