Learn Chinese Video Podcast: "Chinese New Year" abc

The Chinese New Year is the main holiday in the Chinese year cycle. It's observed in the ersetn 15 days of the Chinese lunar calendar (we normally late January or early February). Yutong describes in this video lesson, which "push" Chinese on these days so you and brings a few important New Year Congratulations in Chinese at:
Hi, jia hao, welcome to "Fit for China".
For New Year's wishes lesson Yutong "w? zhu Dajia Xinnian kuaile!" - I wish!
I'd like to let you know concerning the convention of Chinese New Year today.
2011 is the Year of the Rabbit "tu nian".
In China take the "New Year" 15 days. It is the most important holiday in China, which is specially celebrated with the family.
On Sylvestertag we stick on auspicious symbols on door or walls. We say: "Connect station? Lian ER."
On New Years Eve we eat with the family "Ji?ozi" (Chinese dumplings, similar to ravioli).
At night we make a huge fireworks display. That's to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck and money in the new year.
On the next day we will visit afterward the rest of the family and great friends.
I'm going to educate you a few Neujahreswunsche in Chinese:
Xinnian kuaile - Happy New Year
sh?nt? Jiankang - Staying healthy
WanShi Ruyi - Joyful
g?nx? Facai - wealth Congratulations
Let us listen to a Neujahreslied. It says, "g?nx? Facai".
I wish how you say happy new year in chinese .
Happy are the "Fit for China".