Is it rude to ask wedding guests to come to Bali for our wedding?

Depends how wealthy your family and buddies are.

If I was invited to a Bali wedding, I would not go. Even for my personal brother or sister. It'd be a situation of, "sorry, it truly is as well difficult 峇里婚禮 with the kids". (I have three). But "hard" would be code for "pricey".

I would not be offended BTW. I'd just consider, they're having their special wedding ceremony and I can go if I want.

Of course you happen to be more than welcome to have a wedding in Bali. It is YOUR wedding ceremony and you can do what you want. But I would count on that a good deal of men and women would not attend, even some really close to you. (Which may well be fine with you). I guess 婚禮攝影 it truly is a case of, do you want your dream location, or do you want everybody to be there? I don't believe you can have the two.