Vagitot Vaginal Tightening Cream

Vagitot Vaginal Tightening Cream

The vagina has muscles and like any other muscles in the body, the vaginal muscles can loosen or stretch over time. This, however, does not mean that your sex life is over or should be boring after that. Most women are not aware that their concerns about a loose vagina can be easily addressed by using products that make vaginal muscles flexible and stronger. This is especially helpful for, but not limited to, women who have experienced child birth and those facing problems of urine leaking. Before spending money on just any brand marketed as a vaginal tightening cream, it is important to study the ingredients and directions for application. One brand that comes highly recommended is Vagitot.

What is Vagitot?

Vagitot is an effective and fast acting vaginal tightening cream used alongside kegel exercises to ensure vaginal rejuvenation. Kegel exercises don’t require you to take time away from your normal routines; they can be done while sitting down or working. This exercise is done by clenching the vaginal muscles and holding for as long as possible then releasing. Using Vagitot and repeating kegel exercises as often as possible optimizes its function and results in amazing results within a very short time. This also deals with the problem of pelvic muscles and addresses the problem of leaking urine. You can learn about Vagitot Cream from.

Vagitot Cream is made of safe and natural products that are guaranteed to strengthen the grip of the vagina. These include Symplocos Racemosus, water, Quercus Infectoria and Mucuna Pruriens. They are laboratory tested to ensure their safety for use and Vagitot does not cause irritation even to sensitive skin. Other than tightening, the harmless ingredients in the product also help to prevent and heal vaginal infections, itching and dryness by restoring the pH balance which is required to prevent vaginal infections. There is improvement in lubrication of the vagina as Vagitot Cream also hydrates. This product does not have a foul smell, if anything it helps to mask the foul smell that is caused by vaginal infections. Vagitot therefore acts to give you a healthy vagina.

The toning and improving of the vaginal happens because Vagitot Cream improves circulation of blood in the vaginal region. This is also the same action that encourages the lubrication and moisturizing effect.

The directions for application require very high standards of hygiene. You should always wash your hands and vagina with clean water before applying a small quantity of Vagitot Cream into the vagina. For optimal effect, one should apply twice daily and ensure that it is spread in all directions of the vagina. An accompanying leaflet gives clear instructions as well as other benefits of using the product.

Users of the product have attested to its effectiveness in restoring and enhancing their sexual sensations during intercourse. Before opting to have expensive surgeries, it is highly recommended to try Vagitot Cream first. It is pocket-friendly and offers long term benefits. After the initial 3 months, usage can be reduced to just maintain the desired results.