GSX - The Buick Super Car

I am going to discuss the Allentown Buick dealership, it was a very special car, with it's 455 CID Buick big block, that has been pumping out a fantastic 510 FTLB of torque, which by the way, held the record for torque in the American car until 1992, when the Dodge Viper stole it's glory, but the Viper can be a special car, it is not as as we could all own a Viper, but we will all own a Buick GSX, you now could imagine Buick "That's a grandma car" but you would be wrong, oh so wrong.
Many a races were lost to this particular car because of a not enough respect, a lot of people were fooled from the name on these cars, but make no mistake, this car was fully competent at beating any car traveling during the muscle car era, a lot of people took these cars lightly, and paid huge tariff of their disrespect, there have been 678 Buick GSX super cars manufactured in 1970, there were 187 Apollo white GSX Buick's built, and 491 Saturn yellow ones.

The GSX sported a hood mounted tach; 3.42:1 rear gear ratio; G60-15 "billboard" Wide-Oval tires; a particular front stabilizer bar; as well as a rear spoiler, the GSX also included a 4 speed gear box, and a Hurst shifter, the cars also were built with a special graphics kit installed through the factory, including two racing stripes running over the hood and deck lid from the car, as well as a thin stripe running down each side from the car.
The Buick GSX was not even attempt to laugh at, this car could place you in your spot, fully capable of providing your with a heart-attack style ride, this car was not for the weak of heart, it absolutely was usually not a grandma car.
I have been previously inside the automotive business approximately 20 or Two-and-a-half decades, I have worked in all facets of the industry, from parts to restoration, many different models, Among the best to help keep people enthusiastic about the old cars since it is where me is.

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