steam Boiler

Widespread types of repair for boilers with welded building are replacing sections of boiler tubes, changing tubes and stays, window weld, weld build-up of wasted space, welding gage holes, and lots of others. In a Boiler gas is burnt to get warmth energy which is transformed from chemical vitality stored in a fuel. Water comes to water wall from Boiler drum, and circulated back to drum after absorbing heat. Throughout circulation of water in tubes, steam is generated and collected on the higher a part of the Drum. Ash which is produced in the Boiler because of combustion of stable fuel is collected at Boiler backside and likewise in Economizer, Air Pre-heater and ESP. So by charging steam in Deaerator water temperature will increase and soluble gases in condensate departs.

This leads to lower in drum degree and Feed Management valve will open extra to compensate the Drum level to Normal water stage, which results in overloading of Boiler Feed pump. If tube has failed inside boiler then hissing sound comes and it can be seen from exterior. On the time of Islanding, Generator will follow the load linked on this Unit and the Governing Management Valves would close according to load and allow the steam to go by means of Turbine. The excess amount of steam will remain in Boiler which will increase the Drum strain.

So when ID damper closes attributable to high PCC temperature, speedy load reduction must be carried out in Generator to avoid TG trip resulting from Most important Steam Boiler Inspection steam stress low. If any person has operated the hand lever of security valve with out correct communication with the operating personnel for someday then Boiler steam strain decreases and drum stage increases.

By opening start-up vent, when Boiler is in steaming condition, supply of steam to Turbine Drum stage will increase rapidly due to launch of stress in drum. If the steam demand in TG has reduced to a large extent then it results Boiler drum stress rise quickly and at that on the spot drum degree falls quickly. In this case at first ensure for what purpose the pressure in Boiler has elevated.

After guaranteeing the reason, shut the beginning-up vent and dump the excess steam in Condenser. If heat supply to Boiler can be elevated immediately with an enormous quantity then it affects the drum degree and it swells. When stand-by Boiler feed water pump has began with working Boiler feed water pump, then Drum stage will increase as a result of at that opening in Boiler feed Control valve when feed water strain will increase, extra feed water flows to drum because of that opening of management valve and leads to improve in drum degree. This case usually occurs during scheduled Tools change over of Boiler feed water pump.