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As per Indian Boiler Act 1923, Boiler is outlined as any closed vessel exceeding 22.75 liters in capability which is used completely for generating steam beneath stress and consists of any mounting or accessories connected to such vessel, which is wholly or partially beneath stress, when steam is shut off. Donot close the Feed Management valve fully if drum stage rises as a result of if the control valve is closed utterly Pressure Vessel Repair, the feed water in Economizer tubes, which was passing to Drum, will grew to become steam as a result of warmth in flue fuel and when feed water provide via Economizer will likely be once more established via Feed control valve then hammering in Economizer tubes as a result of presence of steam.

By opening start-up vent, when Boiler is in steaming situation, supply of steam to Turbine Drum stage increases rapidly on account of release of strain in drum. If the steam demand in TG has lowered to a big extent then it outcomes Boiler drum pressure rise quickly and at that instant drum level falls rapidly. On this case at first guarantee for what motive the stress in Boiler has increased.

Whether it is responding properly then attempt to supply steam to condenser by closing begin-up vent after making certain that Boiler pressure has lowered and security valve has reset. If turbine trips then steam demand in Turbine will cut off and resulting Boiler pressure rise. When load set point at Generator decreased all of the sudden then Boiler stress increases. After restoration of cooling water pump divert the steam from start-up vent by closing it to the dump circuit and normalize the load of Generator.

If flue gasoline inlet temperature reduces then it steam era reduces in Boiler and strain drops. This needs to be noticed very rigorously and the generator Load set point must be lowered, otherwise the TG will trip when the Predominant steam pressure becomes low. If as a mal operation Load set point at Generator is given greater than steam technology then Boiler pressure decreases. If steam move is at decreasing trend and feed water movement is at increasing development then it signifies that tube has failed.

As we can't change the load set point of Generator by placing lower set point value, Load on the Generator has to be lowered by cutting off the load connected to it. Choose the less necessary load linked to Generator and cut off it as quickly as attainable in any other case the unit will undergo from Black out condition as a consequence of TG trip at Primary steam strain low and Grid energy is unavailable.