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As per Indian Boiler Act 1923, Boiler is outlined as any closed vessel exceeding 22.75 liters in capacity which is used solely for generating steam under pressure and consists of any mounting or equipment attached to such vessel, which is wholly or partially under stress, when steam is shut off. Donot shut the Feed Control valve totally if drum stage rises because if the management valve is closed utterly Steam Boiler Repair, the feed water in Economizer tubes, which was passing to Drum, will became steam due to warmth in flue gas and when feed water supply through Economizer will be again established by means of Feed management valve then hammering in Economizer tubes due to presence of steam.

This results in decrease in drum stage and Feed Control valve will open extra to compensate the Drum level to Regular water degree, which ends up in overloading of Boiler Feed pump. If tube has failed inside boiler then hissing sound comes and it can be observed from exterior. On the time of Islanding, Generator will observe the load connected in this Unit and the Governing Control Valves would close in response to load and permit the steam to go by way of Turbine. The excess amount of steam will remain in Boiler which will increase the Drum strain.

When begin-up vent is operated to release the excess steam or safety valve pops up, then drum level increases quickly. If drum degree is growing drastically then give blow down to control it. Because at increased side drum level, the steam high quality can be affected and carry over of water particles to super heaters and turbine will happen, which could be very much dangerous.

If flue fuel inlet temperature reduces then it steam era reduces in Boiler and strain drops. This needs to be noticed very rigorously and the generator Load set level needs to be lowered, otherwise the TG will trip when the Predominant steam pressure becomes low. If as a mal operation Load set point at Generator is given more than steam technology then Boiler stress decreases. If steam flow is at lowering development and feed water circulation is at growing trend then it signifies that tube has failed.

Important steam temperature rises if flue gas temperature at Boiler inlet rises out of the blue. If attemperator management valve fails to manage the main steam temperature then TG will journey attributable to most important steam temperature going high. With a purpose to avoid such a situation, if principal steam temperature rises as a consequence of rise in flue fuel temperature, then immediately attemperator management valve must be taken to handbook mode and attemperation should be elevated. Usually it occurs when there's a high fluctuation in foremost steam temperature.