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For the benefit of the newcomers, i will go into a little bit bit of history here. Gen Thimayya was professional- USA and had been relentlessly after PM Nehru and Defence minister together with his wish checklist of shopping for arms from USA and Britain, but NOT from Russia. Nehru was non-aligned , as he had enough, until his nostrils of Rothschild controlling him utilizing Edwina and Churchill-even after India became a free country. So when India misplaced the 1962 war with China, and when VK Krishna Menon resigned and kept a deliberate silence until he died, all were fast to exonerate themselves and put all the whole blame on him.

China had long suspected that India was an energetic however covert celebration to this motion. This subtle declaration of warfare against China was the fruits of a coverage that Nehru had been pursuing since as early as April 1947 when India was still a British colony. On 25 April 1947, the exterior affairs division of the government of India, of which Nehru was in cost as a member of the viceroy's ‘interim authorities', informed the British secretary of state for India. On 15 August 1947, the day India grew to become independent , the British mission in Lhasa (Tibet's capital) formally became the Indian mission in a shady method.

Indian troops crossed over into Tibet to escort the Dalai Lama and party into India throughout the McMahon line. China now suspected that India was all of the while helping the Khampa rebel and had assisted the Dalai Lama to escape to India. The Authorities of India adopted a strategically flawed ‘Ahead Coverage' of erecting isolated examine posts on the border without enhancing infrastructure or the armed forces' capabilities.

Five years later, China began the construction of the 179-km long western Tibet-Sinkiang highway passing by Aksai Chin, part of J&K and claimed by India. CIA might have given this data to India, however they selected not to. The entire market research company in india idea was to make India and China bitter enemies, and provoke them to fight a warfare to sow permanent seeds of mistrust. The border between India and Tibet had remained undefined and undemarcated when the direct rule of India by the British led to 1947.

When the British left India in 1947, they put 2 Islamic buffers on either aspect of the Himalayas to prevent communist nuclear submarine access to the blue all climate Indian ocean. When the Muslims from India did NOT go to East and West Pakistan, Rothschild engineered Hindu Muslim riots. Rothschild used CIA to impress the sleeping large China in a dirty method and put the blame on India.