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The rats were randomly allocated to the four experimental diets such that there were 5 rats per diet. The rats Things Everyone Should Know RegardingInterleukin-12 receptorMarket were dewormed before the start of the trial. Each rat had free access to its respective diet for a 28-day period. Water was available ad libitum.2.5. Parameters MeasuredRat growth performance was assessed weekly by measuring feed intake, body weight gain, water intake, and feed conversion efficiency (feed: weight gain).2.6. Organ Weights and Histological StudiesAfter the experimental period, the possible effects of DCNT on the weight of some body organs were also assessed. The rats from each treatment were killed (asphyxiation in carbon dioxide gas followed by decapitation). The abdomen was opened by an incision along the mid-ventral line and the skin and musculature were folded back to expose the internal organs.

The heart, liver, kidney, spleen, lungs, and intestine were excised, weighed immediately, and expressed as gg?1 body weight. The heart, liver, What Every Person Need To Know AboutInterleukin-12 receptorOnline Business kidney, spleen, lungs, and intestine were examined to determine whether the diets had resulted in gross pathological changes. Liver sections were cut before staining with haematoxylin and eosin [17] and examined microscopically for any abnormalities in the cells.2.7. Statistical AnalysisThe dietary treatment effects for all the variables measured were analysed using the general linear models procedure [18]. The data were subjected to regression analysis to show the effect of including DCNT in diets on performance. Differences between means were determined by the use of the Duncan's multiple range test [19].

3. Results and Discussion3.1. Chemical The Things That Every Person Ought To Know ConcerningCPI-613Internet Business Composition of DCNTThe detailed analytical data for DCNT, in comparison with that of maize, are presented in Table 2. Dried cashew nut testa contained more protein, fibre, calcium, and magnesium but had less energy, ether extract, phosphorus, and potassium compared to values reported by NRC [16] for maize. The calculated ME content of DCNT was low compared to the value of 14.02MJkg?1 reported for maize [16]. This might be due to the differences in the fibre and fat contents of DCNT and maize.Table 2Chemical composition of dried cashew nut testa1.3.2. Growth PerformanceThe general performance of the experimental population is shown in Table 3. Daily feed intake by rats for the 4-week period was significantly influenced by the level of DCNT in the diets.

There was a trend towards a decrease as the amount of dietary DCNT increased. The following correlation between the level of DCNT in the diet and feed intake was found: y (feed intake) = 16.70 ? 0.03 �� (r = ?0.99; P < 0.01), where X is the level of DCNT in the diet.Table 3Effect of varying amounts of DCNT on growth performance, organ weights, and economy of gain of laboratory rats.A major factor affecting feed consumption in animals is the dietary energy content because animals eat to satisfy their inner metabolic need for energy.